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NOSEC Technologies Co., Ltd. Web Application Security Experts, provides products and services to over 100 organizations. Our products protect Web Applications from malware and prevent the loss of confidential information. JSky delivers best-in-class security solutions that allow organizations to work in new, more efficient, and innovative ways and that keep employees productive anytime, anywhere.

Is your website secure?

According to Gartner, 2/3 of websites have security risks. Locating these vulnerabilities is a major concern of website administrators.

NOSEC can help you protect your website by uncovering vulnerabilities that leave you open to attack.

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Scan your website for vulnerabilities

Pangolin is an SQL injection testing tool for database security. Pangolin provides data security by conducting penetration testing. Jsky is a web vulnerability scanner and web application vulnerability assessment tool.

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Pangolin is a SQL Injection Test Tool

With Pangolin Injection Digger, Pangolin can show you all SQL Injection Vulnerability that may exploit by hackers.

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